Homeless does not mean hopeless

I hope 2018 is being kind to you. Are you still going strong on your resolutions or have you forgotten about them? We slacked off for a bit but we are fully caught up now. Yes, we are mere mortals and we slack off sometimes so stop rolling your eyes! LOL. It's only the end of the 2nd month and you have impacted someone's life by purchasing from our website so you are doing great as far as we are concerned.

The weather forecast for this week in Champaign, IL is in the 60s! I love warm weather but we were battling frigid cold just a few weeks ago which is when I found out about the warming center project for Firebrand Nation of Eternal Life Harvest Center Church. The warming center was desperately needed during this time and the church stepped up and provided a loving and warm environment for the men that needed shelter. Infact, one of the men at the shelter who talked to TNWX News Station said that "Since I been here I've not had one person make me feel bad or make me feel bad or anything like that because of my stupidity of putting all these marks on my body and all of that stuff. They welcome me with open arms and treated me like family from day one."

There will always be cold and heat, summer and winter, day and night as long as the earth endures so the warming center will be needed again we just don't know when. We (My African Gold) donate 10% of our profits every month to worthy causes and we deem this one a worthy cause! I've known Pastor Evans for many years so I can vouch for his credibility as a good steward of the funds that we donate and the whole project in general so feel free to donate directly to the church OR purchase something from our website and include a note that 10% of the profit for that order should be forwarded to this project and we will make sure that they get it.

Thank you to all our new and existing customers! We would not be able to do this without you. Here is to a great March!

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This is great initiative, always pr
oud to be part of what My African Gold is doing , reaching out and changing lives. well done, keep going.


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