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How to Wear Over The Knee (OTK) Boots

It's extremely hard to choose the best thing about Fall - between the pumpkin spice drinks, gorgeous leaves and delicious scents! However, if I had to choose, I would definitely choose BOOTS! Not the calf and knee length boots, but Over the Knee Boots (OTK)!

OTK boots are long boots that cover the knee, fully or partially. They were originally created as men's riding boots in the 15th century. They have since been redefined as women's fashion boots and are still the top fall boot in the 21st century!

Here's how to embrace, and style, over the knee boots (OTK).

Over Skinny Jeans

Use OTK to instantly jazz up a simple everyday outfit.

Skinny Jeans + Button-down shirt

Sweaters are the typical go-to for skinny jeans, but a classy button-down is an unlikely partner that is also an excellent choice.

over the knee outfit idea


Stretch 3/4 Sleeve Roll Up Button Down Shirt

Short Triangle Dangle Earrings

Over the Knee Boots


Skinny Jeans

Under an Oversized Sweater

Don't be afraid to jump on the "wearing a large sweater as a dress" bandwagon - just add tights and over the knee boots! A more cozy, casual, and perfect-for-fall outfit you’ll be hard pressed to find.

With a Mini Dress or Mini Skirt

This is really what OTK boots were made for. Mini dresses & skirts aren't ideal for fall and winter conditions, so how do you keep your favorite look going when the weather turns? Just add OTK boots. You can add tights underneath or not, and whichever way you go you can be sure you’ll look amazing. Generally, with a mini dress or skirt, the taller the boots, the better.

It's not hard to see why over the knee boots are all the rage, they go with all the best outfits of fall and even let you expand your wardrobe by opening up more possibilities. What’s not to love?

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